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The Editor speaks: KAABOO was “…a magical weekend..”

Colin Wilson

The whole sentence is “What a magical weekend its been… I don’t think there’s anywhere in the Caribbean that’s ever had anything quite like this.”

The above is attributed to Virgin owner, Sir Richard Branson, and he was speaking about the KAABOO Cayman festival that took two years to plan but was over in two days.

The Press Release from KAABOO’s media contact Mason Jar media says, “this past weekend KAABOO Cayman debuted on the shores of the world famous Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman and made island history. The sold-out event brought together live entertainment fans from around the world while hosting one of the largest festivals of its kind to ever hit the Caribbean.”

It would be difficult to argue with the above as ten thousand people attended the event both nights.

It wasn’t just local media companies who were there but many of the world’s top press were present. The Cayman Islands received a lot of publicity. All good for a change. I have yet to read one bad review and that in itself is amazing.

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism couldn’t have spent the amount of money in one year’s allocated budget to promote our country that KAABOO Cayman did in just a couple of days.

I’m not going to go through the names of all the acts that performed on the two stages as we have published them in other articles on this website. Suffice to say, there is no way a local promoter could find the funds to bring a couple of these acts to Cayman let alone the numbers of internationally acclaimed acts on display over the Friday and Saturday.

KAABOO does have some clout behind it that includes Branson’s Virgin but it is the vision of the organiser, Jason Felts, who should get the lion’s share of the credit.When one looks back at the disaster of the Bahamas Fyre Festival in 2017 that promised similar fair and ended up in law suits, huge money losses from investors and one of the organisers, Billy McFarlane, jailed. His partner, New York rapper Ja Rule, escaped that indignity, and now we have learned wants to try it all over again.

Perhaps he should take heed from Felts who has publically lashed out at Ja Rule for even considering it?

“They should not attempt to do another Fyre Festival, they’ve lost all credibility,” Felts in a media interview. ‘The people who were most affected by Billy McFarland and Ja Rule were the local people, the Bahamians. All of the locals and vendors who worked tirelessly and were never paid. Not to mention the victims of Ja Rule and Billy’s Ponzi scheme in trying to lure guests to that island and pull the wool over their eyes.”

“We’re here [on Grand Cayman] to put out the Fyre,” he joked.Everybody who was at the KAABOO Cayman event will concur except a new fIre was LIT!

Everyone will be eagerly awaiting the next KAABOO event to be held here.

Are there already plans?


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