December 10, 2023

The Editor Speaks: It was more than “Unfortunate”

Colin Wilsonweb2It was ironic on the same day we published our Front Page Story “Cayman Islands tops list as safest Caribbean Island” we have to also publish a story of a local scumbag who robbed three elderly vacationers from Kentucky USA.

Not content with robbing the aged this piece of garbage, who brandished a knife and demanded money, allegedly punched the 77-year old male in his face which caused injuries that were serious enough for him to be taken to hospital.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) Director Rosa Harris, in a media Press Release described the horrible and terrifying ordeal these elderly people suffered as “unfortunate”. I thought it was “APPALLING”!

Why do civil servants have to be educated at the University of Gobbledegook?

“Harris went on to say, “This unfortunate incident is contrary to the usual Caymankind experience of our valued guests as the Cayman Islands has a reputation for being a safe, family-friendly destination. The Department of Tourism takes the welfare of all those who live, work and vacation in the destination seriously.”

Seriously, I should hope so.

Why she couldn’t say what she really thought about the incident is beyond me. Surely she was very angry? She should be.

I was furious.

Not only is the publicity very harmful to this country as we rely heavily on tourism, this scumbag has caused mental anguish to three aged persons and probably will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

To hit an elderly person in the face and brandish a knife is the same as carrying out the same offence to a child.

The perpetrator is a low life that should be handed over immediately to the proper authorities and there are persons out there who know exactly who this coward is.

If you don’t he might commit another unfortunate attack on elderly persons.

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