July 13, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Is it time for robotic judges?


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Colin WilsonwebIn reading some of the opinions published in both local and overseas media outlets, plus blogs and advocacy group campaigns with their indignant rages, plus new legislation in the pipeline, it would appear to me a lot of money could be saved if we had robots for judges.

Judges are being torn apart for giving too lenient sentences and at the other of the scale for too harsh ones.

You see, human judges are often of weighing up all the evidence they have witnessed, seeing first hand the defendant and how he reacts, reading all the reports gathered by experienced and specialised professionals eg. psychologists, probation officers, persons who intimately know the person charged, etc., looking at all the similar case histories,, and making a decision based on their own personal judgment subject to the guidelines

Because of this personal and therefore judgmental approach from a human being that makes all these others I have mentioned so angry, even though they have not been in the court to witness the proceedings, robots are the answer.

The defendant needn’t even appear. The Court officer only has to feed the robot with all the “facts”, all the “arguments for and against, all the reports, etc. and up comes a stone cold verdict no one can complain about.

You see robots don’t have a soul. They don’t actually have eyes. They don’t have a heart. They don’t actually have an ear. They don’t have a mouth. They are machines.

So, instead of making a human judge into a machine let’s make a machine. A robot judge.

We will all be better off.

Won’t we?

I think it is time for robots to judge us humans.

Unfortunately it might also be the end of the human race.

We are making a real mess of it anyway. We could even extend it all to war fare. We already have drones. Computers fight the battles and the robots judge how many humans die and we get to go to a humane death.

It would even save the war on want.

And what about a robot baby? A robot pet? A robot wife, even? One who would obey us men at all times and without question instead of the other way round as we have now with a human one!

Then it may come when robots who are judging us decide we humans are the problem.





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  1. Darveson Wright says

    I believe if “Innocent until proven guilty” were removed from all law books, things would be easier also. If a person is arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, there are only two possibilities: (1) Guilty and they should confess and accepted their just sentence. (2) Guilty by association and should name their associate who committed the crime and if possible, provide irrefutable evidence. The person would then be released and his friend given the just sentence. If the person opts for neither, then he/she is still guilty by association and should be sentenced to a minimum prison term for having bad associates. This sounds like a better choice before the robots replace us.

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