January 24, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Immigration SILENCE

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All is not well at Cayman Islands Immigration but the motto there is SILENCE.

It would appear anything that ruffles feathers at Immigration a great cloak of SILENCE envelopes it.

Even when one of our Commissioner’s rules against this cloak when the premier refused to disclose the Ritch Report ruling the silence must be broken it wasn’t. And the Chief Justice ruled in the premier’s favour -. SILENCE.

Two years ago Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans was placed on required leave for alleged infraction. Two years later she has been drawing her full pay and no charges have been laid against her.



In 2015, then Chief Officer Eric Bush announced the Linda Evans matter would be resolved “shortly”. But he has been given a higher position in England and the word that has replaced “shortly” is SILENCE.

Now we have EIGHT immigration officials also on required leave being paid in full for doing nothing.

We understand that criminal charges may be brought against them.

When asked for an update on these eight persons the answer is:


One small piece of positive news to do with immigration.

Premier Alden McLaughlin has announced revised immigration regulations regarding the point system that was used for granting or refusing permanent residency applications.

He said Cabinet had approved revised regulations, “which address the concerns by allowing for a resumption of processing of applications by the board and the chief immigration officer”.

The amendments to the points system is that everyone now has the same points regardless of their job and points for every year worked, so long as they have at least two years in the profession they are in at the time of application.

This SHOULD allow immigration to once again look at permanent residency applications again.

Before they refused everyone.

I have spoken on this issue many times before so for now I will be SILENT.

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