September 17, 2021

The Editor speaks: Immigration reform

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Although the government have engaged local consultants Deloitte on a Process Improvement Project (the “Project”) to support its role in delivering strategic and policy direction to the Department of Immigration (DoI) they are still relying on the public’s input.

Immigration have been lumped in with the National Workforce Development Agency (“NWDA”), and the Department of Labour and Pensions (“DLP”) (together the “Organisations”), and hoping that this input will help drive more efficient and customer-centric service.

To execute this they have produced a four-part questionnaire hosted by Survey Monkey, and depending on whether you are a small or larger employer, a local worker or permit holder, you go to a different survey range, from eight to over two dozen questions.

Under the title “Cayman Islands Government: External Stakeholder Survey” it states:

The purpose of this survey is to provide the public with an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions regarding their working relationship with the Organisations and opportunities and areas for improvement there within. Your feedback provides information that is crucial to the success of the Project.

The information provided to Deloitte via the survey is anonymous and confidential and will not be reported back to the Cayman Islands Government in a way that it can be traced back to any one individual or organisation.

Most questions are about participants’ opinions on the efficiency and efficacy of the existing system, and there is an opportunity for comment and direct input at the end of each questionnaire.

Premier Alden McLaughlin, as Immigration Minister, said the survey provided an opportunity for members of the public to guide government on the changes they would like to see to provide a more efficient, customer-centric experience.

“This review is the first of many stages in establishing a National Human Resources Department within the government, McLaughlin said, “that will seek to combine the work of the Department of Labour, as well as manage the granting of work permits, while also ensuring that Caymanians successfully attain employment.”

Wesley Howell, fresh from his triumph as the head of the 2017 General Elections, and now reverting back to his role as Chief officer in the human resources and immigration ministry, said the online survey would allow people to express their thoughts and opinions about their relationships with the DOI and provide details for opportunities and areas of improvement.

In a press release it said government is hoping to achieve a shift in the way public services are delivered within each section of the DoI by encouraging stakeholders to provide feedback on what they need to develop a sustainable delivery model of immigration services.

The survey will serve as an important tool in the process of leveraging public feedback to design the strategic and policy direction for the DoI the release said.

Whether the public supports this survey and it becomes the important tool government hopes remains to be seen.

With time being so precious today for us to sit at a computer and fill in more boring forms against all the other exciting computer games we can play and then read social media gossip where you can learn how many eggs your pet chicken has just laid, I have my doubts the survey will achieve much.

There is the exception, of course.

Should more jobs go to Caymanians? The questions are what jobs and how to achieve this.

The answer would seem to be easy if you are Ezzard Miller, and not sitting with a government portfolio. There would be no need for this External Stakeholder Survey at all.

A very easy Immigration Reform.

To find the survey go to:

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