January 31, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Iggie hunters.

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I must admit I am surprised there was as many as forty-four responses to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment’s call for Iggie Hunters.

The need for the culling of our green iguanas has been recognized for a number of years now but very little has been done to curb the increasing numbers.

There is no doubt the miserly $1.1M annual funding by our government for the eradication of this major problem we have here will not be enough.

However, deputy director of the DOE, Timothy Austin has publicly said he is “pleasantly surprised” with the response to the culling call.

With all the unemployed Caymanians couldn’t a lot of these be deputised and become Iggie hunters?

It baffles me why there has been no government initiative to look at the unemployment numbers and see where there is a need for labour that doesn’t require too much training.

Being a deputised Iggie Bounty Hunter could appeal to a lot of the currently unemployed.

Has anyone bothered to ask them?

Cleaning up initiatives twice a year is no solution to the unemployment problem.

The DOE want to start the culling of the green iguanas next month. The timing is therefor perfect to employ these persons desperate to find a job.

Even if government won’t take this initiative to heart perhaps the private iguana culling contractors might step in….?

Let the unemployed band together and demand to be deputised.

“I demand to be an Iggy Bounty Hunter!”

Let that be their rallying cry.

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