October 19, 2020

The Editor Speaks: If you are rich, Cayman Islands wants you


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Colin Wilson2web“We want to make Cayman even more attractive to wealthier people who already have or want to buy property here to enjoy it and even live here without working.”

These were the words of Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin when he spoke recently to CNS concerning the next round of changes his government would be making to the Immigration Law.

It would seem not a lot excepting the reinstatement, thank goodness, of the caregivers certificate.

He said improved changes to the work permit process would be the order of the day and not major policy changes. He did not say what these improvements would be except the process for work permits would be more efficient.

It would have to be.

I fully agree with him that anyone who has money and wants to spend it here should be encouraged if they are not going to impact the workplace. Although, indirectly, they would be impacting it – positively.

The premier did agree the current local unemployment problem must be addressed. This was the area the immigration changes would be focused.

At the moment the government are seeking tenders to find a private sector company who would deal with the bulk of the work permit process online. This would appear to be a good idea as it would on the surface appear to be a more transparent way of execution. The volunteer boards we have at the moment that grant and refuse permit applications is amateur and can be easily abused. They are also political appointments.

It will be very interesting how this works but full credit must be given for at least trying something new and innovative.

Of course even this will need humans to put in the information and obviously read it.

Then we will have to deal with hacking and viruses so it is not going to be without its own problems.

Certainly a more modern approach to the current system is long overdue and I was startled to read there are over 20,000 foreign workers and residents with the right to work currently here.

I well remember when the last real purge was executed to remove them it had an immediate effect of slowing down the economy. Remember all of them spend quite a lot of their wages here. They also need accommodation.

McLaughlin is positive about the future.

I am too.

If you are rich and have a desire to live here. My house is still up for sale. Come on in. I even have a “WELCOME” mat.

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