September 20, 2020

The Editor Speaks: If Scotland votes ‘Yes’ for Independence will it promote a cry for us to do the same?


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Colin WilsonwebA referendum on whether should be an independent country will take place on Thursday, 18 September 2014.

It is almost on their doorstep.

The recent polls have suddenly seen a surge in support for the pro-independence ‘Yes’ campaign.

When I was in Scotland a few years ago researching the inspiring but almost forgotten Scottish hero , , the Scottish National Party Leader had led his party for the very first time to victory, a victory he has kept since with increasing support. Back then, in 2007, when he also became Scotland’s First Minister of Scotland, he vowed he would seek Scottish Independence from the .

The mood back then was, even from some of his supporters, they did not want independence.

The times they are achangin’.

There is no doubt the United Kingdom with its scandals, corruption, greed from some of its elected parliamentarians, and its total indifference to affairs outside their cozy back yard, has brought the change in people’s opinion. Plus the younger the voter, the more thirst for independence. Who wants to be ruled by a foreigner?

The majority of people want power. If there is a thirst for independence then there is an even bigger dry throat and hunger for power.

Salmond was once upon a time a left-winger and firmly against the trappings of expensive cars and dinners all provided by the taxpayer.

As I previously said, times they are achangin’.

In September 2012 he stayed with his wife at a five-star hotel in Chicago while attending a golf tournament; the £3,000 for four nights was paid for by the taxpayer and supported a VisitScotland delegation that spent £468,580. Salmond refused for six months to respond to a freedom of information request for information on his spending, and referred to it as “ridiculous frippery”.

This makes McKeeva Bush’s alleged tax payer’s spending when he was Cayman’s Premier almost misery.

In 2012 Salmond indicated in a television interview that he had sought the advice of his law officers on whether an independent Scotland would be part of the European Union. The following year, it was revealed that the Scottish Government had spent almost £20,000 to prevent the disclosure of the content of the alleged legal advice, even though no such advice existed.

So much for Freedom of Information.

Power can bring out the best in people and the worst in others.

Katherine A. DeCelles, a professor of management at the University of Toronto, publicly asked this question, “When you give good people power, are they more able than others to enact that moral identity, to do what’s right?”

She conducted a test and found “power doesn’t corrupt; it heightens pre-existing ethical tendencies”.

I have no doubt that even in my lifetime, and I am over the 3 score years and 10 limit, I will see an Independent Cayman islands.

If Scotland wins Independence I am sure Cayman’s will come more quickly.

Whether it will be for the better, I have grave doubts as I do if Scotland wins.

Whatever you may think of the United Kingdom and its seemingly Draconian rules they do serve as a form of watchdog from an otherwise uncaged independent animal.





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