September 28, 2020

The Editor Speaks: I am not surprised Bush is to sue, but I don’t give a damn.


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Colin WilsonwebThe Leader of the Opposition and past Premier, McKeeva Bush, has announced he will be suing the officials he believes conspired to bring charges against him. The charges he has shouted so eloquently as being “SHAM” and “TRUMPED UP”!

I am not surprised except I had expected him to make the announcement publicly a little sooner.

I was not surprised once I heard the evidence against him he was acquitted.

I am, because of his consistent speeches on how he is especially for the good people of the Cayman Islands, quite sure, if he wins his suit, he will donate all of it back to the good people of the Cayman Islands. Especially so, as it will be his good people of the Cayman Islands who will be footing the bill.

He may have a case against the Police Commissioner and especially past Governor Duncan Taylor after the revelations of him interfering with the police investigations, had leaked information to the press and that he (Taylor) had planned to celebrate once Bush was charged.

So, it is no surprise he has named both Duncan Taylor and Police Commissioner David Baines as two of the government officials he is going to sue.

Bush has repeatedly said the whole case against him was the result of a conspiracy amongst the UK appointed officials here in the Cayman Islands. The conspiracy being to oust him from the office of premier and to prevent him from being re-elected.

I am, however, at a loss to understand where the Auditor General, Alastair Swarbrick, fits into his ‘conspiracy theory’.

It is on record Bush does not like Auditor Generals who do their job and go public with the results of overspending, false accounting or no accounting at all by government officers and elected officials, especially regarding travel expenses.

Bush successfully managed to get rid of Auditor General, Dan Duguay, who was his nemesis from February 2004 to May 2010. He even said the man was ‘incompetent’.

All Duguay asked of Bush was to be transparent in his record keeping and that of his departments he was minister of.

The same has been asked by his replacement, Swarbrick.

Yes, Swarbrick has been even more tenacious and public than Duguay, and that has made Bush make some of the most outrageous allegations against Swarbrick I have ever heard. That he has made the worst ones in the Legislative Assembly with certain privileges regarding speech can be the only reason the Auditor General hasn’t sued him. That Bush has demanded an apology from the Auditor General for his scathing report on his travel and hospitality when he was Minister of Tourism is hypocrisy at the highest level.

Bush said at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) last Wednesday (14) the Auditor General’s Report only painted half the picture, leaving out important facts that would account for the amount of money his ministry spent when he was there. “The report is misleading and tarnished the reputation of civil servants,” he said.

You have to hand it to Bush, though, he comes to the rescue of all civil servants, especially the ones who are not doing their job properly. He is a past master at being seen as the knight in shining armour against the tyrannous barons.

He has also learnt the quote taken from Latin “Let he who shouts the loudest be heard first.”

I have another one, similar, but with a different meaning, “He who shouts loudest can only hear his own voice.” It goes further, “Those with true knowledge listen to those with true faith. And those with closed ears never hear the swing of the reaper’s blade.”

Bush should bear this in mind if he does include the Auditor General in his list of persons to sue.

I will not be surprised if he doesn’t take my advice, though.

“Frankly, my dear(s), I don’t give a damn” either way.

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