May 8, 2021

The Editor Speaks: How to save football

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Colin Wilsonweb2David Dein, former Arsenal and FA vice-chairman, outlined at BBC Radio 5 Live Sportsweek that he believes the only way FIFA can restore its reputation is to put the organisation into administration.

The football veteran did accept that this was the nuclear option but argued that FIFA’s directors, like any directors, had a duty of care for the organisation. He added that only with a forensic dissection of all of the football governing body’s records can any truth about the suspicious payments relating to the recent scandal be uncovered and public trust be restored. However, the likelihood of such a process occurring is slim, requiring an order from the executive and an agreeing vote from the 209 countries involved.

SOURCE: Recovery News UK

A number of people here have voiced a similar view concerning CIFA – Cayman Islands Football Association.

However, there has been found no wrongdoing at CIFA – just suspicion.

But football must be saved.

With suspicion brought on by the actions of the CIFA executive and their stupid confrontational [PR] press release against the government they really do need another [PR] – Public Relations.

It was just nauseous to bandy youth football at the forefront of their PR and to try and place the blame on the government for lack of funding in that quarter.

I have said enough about CIFA but have I? I am sure there will be much more to come.

And I have refrained from reporting or saying anything about the Canover Watson trial as it progresses.

None of which is good for the Cayman Islands. And I don’t want to add to it.

Christmas I am told is just around the corner.

Goodwill to all.

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    CIFA has no credibility whatsoever and neither do the clubs who are responsible for appointing the Executive Committee. Neither have any balls so to speak and Ozzie is quite correct denigning further Government funding until the cupboards are devoid of skeletons. Of course surplus skeletons could be donated to the Hospital for medical research. That way CIFA is giving back to the Government.

    I make no bones about this.

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