March 25, 2023

The Editor Speaks: He could have been the crown prince of football but for GREED

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Colin Wilsonweb2The amount of money Jeff Webb stole with bribes, lies and money laundering is nothing to what he would have earned if he had been honest.

It is easy to join the circus when his fellow football elite is taking handouts galore but Webb knows right from wrong. And he preached the good talk. He was there to stop the corruption in football and we all believed him.

And then we look at what is going on in our own little Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA). And our own football clubs have the mandate to throw the present leadership out but they won’t. Why?

Unless there is a completely new broom to sweep out the filth that lies all over the CIFA management through dear Jeff Webb that organization should be forced into liquidation.

With the new corruption charges that have been made against new FIFA officials one can only wonder if there will be anything left of that organization after the fees that will have to be forked out to try and stop these scum from serving long prison sentences.

That Webb is squealing like a pricked pig to try and save his precious neck like some of his other low life friends does nothing to make me not feel ashamed of him and the damage to our country’s reputation.

Cayman Islands Sports Minister, summed it all up when he said on local television:
“It’s created an interesting scenario now. Naturally the US is really into this stuff and they’re not gonna ease up until they feel they’ve gotten all their men. And Jeff pleading guilty probably speaks, to some extent, maybe a type of plea bargain, maybe information that he has… for his own good. Let’s see. We can only wait and watch and see what happens locally and internationally. But I expect that we’ll be getting some more breaking news in the near future.”

Is Webb going to squeal on his friends on the CIFA executive board? If some of them are guilty and there is nothing to say they are but….. they must be shaking in their boots.

Greed is a cancer and it is easy to join the gravy train. Once on the speed the train moves makes it difficult to jump off. You have to wait for the crash that will inevitably come and hope then you can salvage some limbs by bargaining.

Jeff Webb. I once looked up to you. You made me feel proud. I was duped like most of us.

Now just the mention of your name makes my stomach turn into one huge knot.

From The Indictment:
“The conspirators’ corruption of the enterprise extended beyond the payment and receipt of bribes and kickbacks. Fifa’s provision of money – which totalled in the hundreds of millions of dollars – to its member associations in connection with the Goal Programme, Financial Assistance Programme, and other programmes created opportunities for officials to embezzle or otherwise fraudulently appropriate funding intended to benefit Fifa’s member associations and their constituent organisations, including youth leagues.

“Certain of the defendants and their co-conspirators, including the defendant Jack Warner and Jeffrey Webb, took advantage of these opportunities and embezzled or otherwise personally appropriated funds provided by Fifa, including funds intended for natural disaster relief.”

Webb, therefore, had no compunction about embezzling development and relief money destined for the very poorest countries in his confederation.

A crown prince? A palace? Yes, Webb you could have been all that. If only you could have been honest. And to rob the poor……….

I feel sick!

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