September 24, 2021

The Editor Speaks: HARDtalk for Premier in London but no potshots here in Cayman

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Colin WilsonwebIt struck me as very strange that Cayman’s Premier, Alden McLaughlin won’t participate in anymore press briefings in his own country but is willing to appear on the BBC television programme “HARDtalk” that takes no prisoners.

I well remember an interview two years ago when BBC Presenter Jamie Robertson (the writer of iNews Cayman story Jan 29 2014 “Stock markets at highs but can they do it again next year?” at: had finished interviewing a US state senator in Washington. Before the camera had switched off we saw the senator wipe his forehead and say “Phew!” This was a four minute interview with Robertson in London. Americans are not used to dealing with BBC interviewers who are highly trained professionals.

And Robertson is mild compared to the host of HARDtalk, Stephen Sackur.

And Sackur will be interviewing McLaughlin for 27 minutes.

And the interview is face-to-face, one on one, and in a studio with lights and cameras.

McLaughlin said he was “humbled to have been asked to appear on HARDtalk to tell not only Cayman’s story, but that of the other Overseas Territories.” He said he thought he will be the first overseas territories leader to appear on the show.

The reason may be, others had been invited and they all thought better of it!

I certainly admire our Premier’s pluck and I wish him every success. I am expecting he will do our country proud, but I find it very strange he ducks his ‘friends’ in the local media from, as he called it, our “potshots”  but is prepared to be cannon fodder to a potential ‘unfriendly’ interviewer whose job it is to ask the really HARD questions hoping for a stumble or hesitation so he can pounce like a tiger.

McLaughlin is also going to London  for a conference at Chatham House to deliver a keynote address on corruption.

“It’s rare that a leader of a UK Territory has the opportunity to address anti-corruption initiatives from a global perspective,” the Premier said.

See iNews Cayman story published January 29 2014 “Premier invited to Chatham House, HARDtalk” at:



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  1. Carol-Ann Rudy says

    Perhaps the good premier has illusions that he will be treated like an exotic bird–but I fear he’ll end up being a turkey!

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