September 23, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Guns, hooded men, shootings, killings, silent witnesses


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Colin Wilson2webIs this Paradise?

Is this the Island time forgot?

This is 2015 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands!

And we are only in January.

The police have postponed their public district meetings, except WILD West Bay, where all this violence is going on, so at the moment. it will take place Wednesday (28).

One media house reports they have been told who the shooter is but can’t tell.

This media house hasn’t been told who the shooter is and would tell!

Police say there were at least ten witnesses to the killing of Victor Yates on 3rd January.

No one has come forward to testify.

A man was arrested in connection with the non-fatal shooting outside Pop-a-Top liquor store on 5th January but so far no charges brought. At least there is a witness to that shooting who has come forward – the victim!

According to media reports but not from the police, who give very little information away, “at least five hooded assailants were seen chasing” the second dead man, David Ebanks on 23rd January. Ebanks’ body was found behind the food stand across from Kelly’s Bar on Birch Tree Hill Road.

Not surprising, people are frightened.

I would hope people are angry.

I would hope people would recognise if they have information and say nothing, more persons are going to be gunned down.

More persons will be seen fleeing the streets from hooded mobs with guns.

Innocent persons will be killed or injured.

Violence perpetrates more violence.
You shoot one of us and we will shoot one of you.

What a mentality.

What have we taught our children?

What examples of humanity have we shown?

Have you ever listened to the verbal diarrhea on the talk shows, especially the one that claims, “We don’t just bring the news – we make the news”?

And it is mainly the same people that call in every day!

And they all have a theory to the West Bay killings and hardly one is worth a damn.

Blame the government. Blame the police. Blame the ex-pats.

First take a look at yourself. Myself. Us.

All these young men with guns have parents.

All these young with guns have relatives.

All these young men with guns have friends.

All these young men with guns are known.

I hope the West Bay Police District Meeting at John A Cumber School Hall will be packed with concerned citizens. It starts at 7:30pm.

Let it not be an exercise in futility and show.

Let it be constructive.

We cannot go back to an island time forgot.

We can go back, however, to Paradise.

Don’t we all want that?

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