September 26, 2020

The Editor Speaks: George Town’s boardwalk is beautiful but….


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Colin WilsonwebHave you noticed how beautiful North Church Street by the waterfront in George Town is looking?

The Cayman Islands Government have stated many times they want downtown George Town not to be a Ghost Town and have encouraged business owners to make the area, especially by the water more attractive.

Up until now North Church Street from the Royal Watler terminal has just had a narrow strip of nasty looking tarmac to walk on plus uneven pavers.

However, just take a look at it now.

There is an elevated concrete sidewalk away from vehicular traffic, railings and silver thatch palm trees that extends from the terminal down to the Fish Shack restaurant.

It is also planned to remove the unsightly tents at Red Spot Bay and replace them with a small wooden cabana to accommodate the fish market and generally to tidy up the beach to enable people to go swimming.

IMG_0028And this is just the first step in revitalising the downtown area.

The boardwalk project is the brainchild of Robert Johnson, an architect and his vision is to eventually link the sidewalk right down to the George Town Dixie Cemetery thus linking it with the Seven Mile Beach strip.

The second phase calls for historic plaques for pedestrians’ perusal, benches for rest, and steps for access down to the beach.

The boardwalk takes pedestrians past the open doors of the businesses and it has already increased the value of the properties.


IMG_0032Robert’s father is Chris Johnson, the well-known accountant/auditor/businessman who owns some of the boardwalk land. Even though he gets no financial gain from the project he wants to see his son’s vision come to fruition. He approached 16-18 of the businesses there and he obtained an enthusiastic nod of approval and promise of money to pay for the work.

It is my understanding that to date only one business owner has come forward with the promised cash and the Johnsons are very disappointed and dismayed.

Hopefully this Editorial will help spur them to keep their promise….

George Town’s boardwalk is beautiful but….

It looks like it has now sadly stalled…..

IMAGES: Chris Johnson

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