October 20, 2020

The Editor speaks: Gambling, same-sex unions, pot – or not


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Colin Wilson

Whilst I applaud MLA Kenneth Bryan for his initiative in trying to execute a national survey to gauge the public’s opinion on gambling, same-sex unions and marijuana laws, his venue for it is absolutely ridiculous.

He made the announcement at a Press Conference last Thursday.

His venue is to place stations outside each polling station on 19 Dec. the date set for the Referendum on the Cruise Berthing Facility. He thinks this is a “unique” opportunity.

Since only the persons who are voting “NO” to the Facility need to turn up, how on Earth does he think this is going to be a ‘scientific’ and realistic survey?

His questions to the three subjects are twofold:

Should the Cayman Islands legalise a national lottery?

Should the Cayman Islands legalise casinos?

Should the Cayman Islands legalise same-sex marriages?

Should the Cayman Islands legalise same-sex unions?

Should the Cayman Islands decriminalise marijuana, better known as ganja?

Should the Cayman Islands legalise marijuana, better known as ganja?

He thinks that he might get at least ten thousand people to take part in his survey. Even if he does it, will not represent a cross-section of the public as there will be no identification as to age, sex, marriage, single, etc.. A requirement, necessary, in all modern day surveys.

He is proposing to set up tents with electronic tablets for people to tick their ‘yes’ or ”no’ votes and wants upwards of 80 volunteers to come forward to help. I wish him luck.

He thinks it will cost him around $30,000 to do this and is prepared to have to find the money himself. He should be prepared.

He even has asked government to have these questions added to the referendum ballot. He seems surprised that he hasn’t heard back.

Bryan said, “We have made much assumptions on the public viewpoint on these topics. I believe most people are still opposing same-sex marriage, but I can’t say that (with confidence).”

Hoping to ‘bribe’ people to take part in his survey, which in itself places doubt on the results of the survey, he is going to have a raffle. The winner gets a $2,000 cash prize and other drawings – $3,000 split between them.

Bryan, there are far better ways for people to take part in a survey, quicker, cheaper, and much more scientific. Use the media houses who are open to this (we are not) or use one of he many online survey web sites. learn how the professional companies conduct their surveys.

“At the end of the day,” Bryan said, “my job is to serve the people of this country. This, in my opinion, is the best way to do so.”


There are far, far, far better ways, dear sir.

But I give you 2 out of 10 for trying.

PS: Because I am kind and have no ill will towards our young MLA – if you want to volunteer, you can call him at 924-3111.

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