November 27, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Drink driving, Dart handout doesn’t find a bullseye with the bloggers, rubbish and beauty

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It is staggering that despite all the warnings, all the editorials, all the television commercials and just plain common sense, more and more people are being arrested for drinking over the limit and then driving. I don’t see what more can be done? Even in Cayman Brac a man drove his car into a pole last Saturday (17) trapping him inside whilst his vehicle caught fire. He was lucky the emergency services were able to rescue him in time and he was not seriously injured. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI and dangerous driving.

Another media house has taken up a story we ran a week ago re families who face losing their homes because of mortgage arrears will be selected by a committee under the premier’s ministry to receive assistance from cash donated through Dart as part of the ForCayman Investment Alliance. Whilst this gesture should be seen as a blessing it is not welcomed by all but one of the 47 blogs I read. Most view it with suspicion and look for Demons. If the selection committee was outside any Government ‘interference’ it might make it more welcomed but that is no guarantee either. I will wait and see what happens.

It is incredible that the answer to a request made under Freedom of Information to the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) has revealed no reports, studies or research have been carried out by the department. DEH FOI officer, Tania Johnson, confirmed this saying  “No request for proposals have been advertised by DEH concerning locating an alternative site or using Bodden Town as an alternative landfill site.”

Minister for Environment, Hon. Mark Scotland, who is also one of the three Bodden Town MLA’s, told iNews Cayman that a private 1990 study had been done and admitted it was not the first choice for re-siting the landfill. But he said, “This is not just another dump [nor] another Mt. Trashmore.” He was referring that the facility government wants to build in Bodden Town is a waste management facility. Dart had executed a similar study and Bodden Town was the most suitable location.

The Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free accused the the minister and his UDP Bodden Town partner, Dwayne Seymour, of avoiding meeting them but Mr. Scotland rejected this claim saying due to Christmas commitments it had not been possible. “We reached out to them initially, not the other way round,” he said.

Coalition spokesman Mr. Vincent Frederick’s claim, which has been echoed by other members of the coalition, of making 400 trips per day does border upon the incredulous, too. If 400 trips is correct then that defeats the coalition’s argument the relocation will not create more jobs. A lot more vehicles and drivers would be required than the DEH presently has. Even if each truck could manage ten trips (and I doubt that) another 26 trucks and drivers would be required. Even if one allows for the private contractors I still cannot reach the 400 figure. Mount Trashmore would be toppling into my own home’s backyard by now if 400 trucks per day were unloading their garbage!

It was a wonderful evening at The Harquail Theatre last Saturday (17) when the Golden Girls/Bold & Beautiful/Modern Miss Cayman Islands 2011 Pageant took place. These brave women all looked lovely and I was very honoured to have been one of the judges. It was my third time and each time I have been humbled at the reasons the contestants have given as to why they have entered the competition. Most have said “to give themselves confidence.” They didn’t just strut along a catwalk they had to undergo a private interview with four people darting questions at them whilst they stood like a prisoner does on trial before his accusers. Then a co-ordinated dance routine plus all the costume changes. I know I am speaking for the other three judges when I say they are all winners.

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