September 21, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Don’t do as I do – do as I say (and shut up!)


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What on earth is in the Ritch Report to stop the public from viewing its contents?

Freedom of Information? Shut up!

The UK has stated for years they want OPEN Government. Freedom of Information!!

Of course there can be exceptions – National Security and the ambiguous one “would not be in the public interest”.

That one can effectively be used on anything if the Governor so wishes. She doesn’t have to give any reason when she determines it isn’t in our interest!

Of course, by so determining it isn’t in our interest it now seems to me I jolly well want to see it! It seems to be very interesting now indeed!

Not even the Information Commissioner can see it.

The only reason I can see is if it was published the whole country could be sued for millions because of the awful decisions being made by the Immigration Board.

Cayman’s Governor, Helen Kilpatrick, has signed a document that cannot be challenged in court.

Never has this ever been executed. Not even when the UK was trying to silence the Aina Report on the infamous Operation Tempura.

The law states: “(3) A certificate given by the Governor under subsection (2) shall not be subject to challenge in judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings of any kind.”

It is not in the “best interest” for the Information Commissioner to see it. And he cannot determine that for himself because he cannot be trusted with that information.

Unfortunately there will be much speculation, most probably wrong, that could be very harmful to the government’s chances of being re-elected.

It is almost all their heads have been handed over to the many opposition candidates on a platter that will not be silver. It will be of a muddy colour but opposition won’t mind that at all.

Already Cayman’s many media houses now are speculating and I will be not be one of them.

I will, however, have to say once again. The big blot on the landscape of this government has been the woeful immigration policies, especially regarding Permanent Residency, and even grants of Caymanian Staus.

I said before Immigration is the government’s Achilles Heel. A small part of their overall achievements. But look what happened to Achilles?

And I do hope Marco Archer doesn’t take Kenneth Bryan’s chances lightly. He has been doing the old fashioned house to house canvassing. However, he has now his own Achilles Heel – his touting of “medicine” is also a word often used by his biggest supporter Dr Steve Tomlinson. And the good doctor has a number of so called independents secured to his belt. One can only ask why?

Good medicine.

Expensive medicine.

It all comes at a price. And can an Achilles heel be cured quickly?

It can if you don’t do as I do but do as I say. And of course, shut up!

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