November 28, 2020

The Editor speaks: Do we over-react and miss the big picture?

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Colin WilsonwebThe airline flight attendants are “outraged” at the “poor and shortsighted decision” by the America’s Transport Security authority who have relaxed the rules and will allow small knives to be carried on the planes. They are claiming they are now being put at risk.

See the Huffington Post story in iNews Cayman “Knives On Planes: Airline staff, flight attendants react to new USA transport rules with anger”

I remember the laughter when the ban was first put into place all those years ago after 9/11 and there were many comics holding up a 3inch penknife blade shouting they were commandeering the plane.

I have to ask the flight attendants how many of them felt threatened or in fact were threatened before the ban by penknife wielding terrorists?

I was one of the persons who vocally said the rules implemented were an over re-action and wasted time and energies on the small fry leaving not enough time for the bigger fish.

And the bigger fish includes guns and this brings me to the now utterly ridiculous over reaction to guns in school.

We have four major stories on the subject of guns and the over reaction of school officials to them, especially when three of the stories weren’t even guns and involved toddlers and young children.

#1 has the headline “School suspends 7-year-old for shaping breakfast pastry into ‘shape of a gun’”. It was with some disbelief that I read how a Baltimore 7 year old child tried to bite the breakfast pastry he was munching on into a mountain shape but the teacher in her wisdom thought it resembled a gun. Worse the authorities in their even greater wisdom suspended the child for two days. Worse still the child suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and loves art.

#2 has the headline “Four-year-old allegedly sketches gun; dad arrested, strip-searched”. Because of the innocent sketch by a four year old the toddler’s father was arrested, strip-searched, and thrown in jail, his wife was also taken into police custody, and his children were spirited away by child welfare agents.

The police did search the family’s home and found a transparent plastic toy pistol that showed the springs. This was the gun the toddler drew and said her daddy used it to shoot monsters.

#3 has the headline “Pizza pistol prompts punishment for public-school pupil”. A 10 year old school boy held up a half eaten pizza and pretended it was a gun and threatened other students  with it. He was told to put down his pizza and no one would get hurt. No, I am not making this up. His punishment for recklessly endangering the lives of his fellow students was six days of eating lunch at the “silent table” and a lecture on gun safety.

Of course whilst the authorities were dealing with all this nonsense with overkill a real gunman could have been present.

The big picture gets missed because the authorities are examining the brush strokes.

And the last story actually did involve a real gun, a gunman and a hero.

Story#4 has the headline “Florida high school student suspended for disarming gunman”. But isn’t the school student a hero you may ask and the answer is yes but the authorities have an “emergency” policy where anyone involved with a gun, even if you disarm the gunman you face suspension. Two other students who helped our hero were also suspended.

The gunman who was a 15 year old student sitting on a school bus was spotted by the hero of our school with a gun on his lap. The gunman saw he had been spotted and they got into a fight with the gunman yelling he was going to shoot him with it. Two other students on the bus who heard and witnessed the altercation rushed in and helped our hero wrestle the gun away.

The police arrested the gunman who had been wielding a .22 caliber RG-14 revolver was charged with possession of a firearm on school property and assault with a deadly weapon “without intent to kill.”

All the above has been confirmed by other witnesses on the bus but our hero and his helpers received their suspension and punishment for doing the right and brave thing.

Now because of the punishment dished out by these wise authorities the three Good Samaritans are now refusing to co-operate with them.

Can you blame them?

Thank God we live in a country where the law abiding public are not allowed guns but in the USA some states are going to allow these school authorities to carry guns. Now that really does worry me.

To think, when I was a schoolboy I used to play cowboys and Indians. I actually held a replica toy cowboy gun. Can you imagine if toddlers did that now in the USA and told their teachers?




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