June 6, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Did we get dropped by British Airways?


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British Airways From The Dots

Mark Leary for British Airways / BBH London

BBH commissioned Mark to photograph British Airways’ new ‘Call of the ’ campaign.

Shooting 8 islands in just sixteen days, the brief was to visually arrest the senses, capturing the vibrancy and unique character of each island to present the Caribbean as more than just a beach destination.

Alongside shooting stills, Mark also directed short films for each of the 8 islands.

You can view all the stills and video at https://the-dots.com/projects/mark-leary-for-british-airways-bbh-london-153995

The eight islands featured are:

Saint Lucia
St Kitts
Turks & Caicos

A reader asked that question saying that it seemed to be “a clear message that BA want to dump because servicing the route costs them a fortune. Flying a 777 between Nassau and with 50-60 passengers on board is economic lunacy for an airline that is struggling to slash overheads”.

I have to admit I have been worried that BA would drop the Nassau and ORIA piece but further investigation gave me the reason the Bahamas and Grand Cayman were not in the ‘Call of the Caribbean’ campaign.

The ‘Call of the Caribbean’ campaign is part of a BA campaign to promote the Caribbean destinations it principally flies to from London Gatwick.

The Nassau/Grand Cayman destination that BA flies comes out of London Heathrow.

I do urge you to go to the website and view the stills and video.

Then compare to the Cayman Islands.

We are still #1.

Will we get dropped by BA? Only they can answer that.

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    I cannot believe that TCI is much more different than Cayman when it comes to occupancy rates.

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