February 8, 2023

The Editor speaks: Can you support Nancy’s work?

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A plea from Freedom United

Dear iNews Cayman Readers,

You may have seen Nancy’s campaign[1] to remain in the UK where, as a victim of trafficking, she should have access to the support she
needs to recover from her experience. Nancy has been working
hard to campaign for victims of trafficking just like herself and
needs some help so that she and her colleagues can continue their
Can you chip in to help Nancy buy campaign materials?
Donate towards materials
at: https://www.freedomunited.org/donate-for-materials/?trk_msg=TVU6D3TACI6K3ATRPPUTQD6L70&trk_contact=037FSGUJ91I19DOFIHRSCHO86K&trk_sid=HJD19UDPKOP61IAJ84NGPF9NPO&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Donate+for+materials&utm_campaign=FU-EN-19SEP-2019-MATERIALS-ACTIVE&utm_content=FU-EN-19SEP-2019-MATERIALS-ACTIVE
Nancy and her colleagues at Survivor Alliance attend events in the
UK where they talk about modern slavery and explain what’s
needed to ensure victims are properly supported and protected.
These opportunities are important in raising awareness about
modern slavery with the public and we want them to be able to do more.
All funds raised will go towards materials to strengthen their
message and to help people spread awareness after events:
Do you want to spread awareness? We’ll share a downloadable
version of the leaflet, sticker and badge designs so that everyone can use them!

Any amount will go a long way in supporting the work to spread
awareness of modern slavery to build a more powerful community.We will keep you updated with what Nancy gets up to and how
your donation has helped.

In solidarity,

Joanna and the Freedom United team
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