September 22, 2021

The Editor speaks: Can you read God’s mind?

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Colin Wilson

Whilst I one hundred per cent agree with the motion passed in the Legislative Assembly last Friday “to affirm that expressions of Christian doctrine and scriptures by Christian organisations and individuals is a right protected by the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009”, I fervently wish we wouldn’t try to read God’s mind.

“If you cannot plumb the depths of the human heart or grasp the workings of the human mind; how then can you fathom God, who has made all these things, or discern his mind, or understand his plan?” – Book of Judith 8:14.

To blame hurricanes Gilbert, Ivan and Paloma, last week’s earthquake – “the strongest tremor that I’ve known in my 75 years – [to] hit these islands”, SARS. AIDS, and coronaviris, on God’s wrath and single out same-sex marriage and LGBTQ lifestyles, as the reason is disgraceful!

I have disagreed strongly over the years with Dr. Leonardo Raznovich over the same-sex marriage debate, but he has a right to voice them as I have the same right to contest them. We are poles apart on that issue.

I agree with MLA Anthony Eden there is a shocking and disturbing trend going on to erode Christian values and it is us Christians that are being persecuted for our faiths and beliefs but isn’t it our fault for calmly sitting back, doing generally nothing and not fighting back with Christ’s number one word – LOVE!!!

Eden said, “I brought this motion in light of the atmosphere of tension and concern in regards to same-sex marriage and what it could lead to in the Cayman Christian and religious community and the values that we have grown to accept over the decades and decades as taught by our families.”

“Christian preachers are not allowed to refer to the biblical teaching as not supporting same-sex marriage and LGBTQ lifestyles, and it is termed, as we hear so often, Mr. Speaker, ‘hate speech’ and can be prosecuted.”

Dr. Raznovich is right to come back at Eden with his reply to the LA that we have published in full today – see “Cayman: Religious freedom, LGBTI people and the responsibilities of elected officials” – when he points out, “Everyone deserves to love and to be loved. To withdraw that leads to unquantifiable harm, not just on the individual, but on persons proximate to them as a result of deteriorating relationships and social interactions, resulting in wider harm to society as a whole.”

“Merely to hint at placing any burden of blame on gays or other LGBTI people for the unnerving earthquake we all experienced in Cayman recently, past destructive hurricanes, or the challenges faced globally by the coronavirus, is profoundly wrong, but when the government endorses this position it becomes a matter of even more extreme concern.”

Eden might, and I have no reason to disagree with him read his Bible everyday, so do I (I was at a Bible Study Meeting last night) but he has totally forgotten the word LOVE exists.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.- 1 Corinthians 13:13”.

I urge you, Anthony Eden, do not read God’s mind. You can’t. To name LGBTQ lifestyles and same sex marriages highlights the reason God is wreaking his anger at us. You have absolutely no knowledge of that at all. You, yourself, might be one of the major contributors to some of what is happening adversely in the world today – global warming – and that has nothing to do with our Christian Values that I warmly [hotly] support.

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