December 5, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Bush probe deepens and John Grisham has no part in it

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Colin WilsonwebEx Cayman Islands premier McKeeva Bush was not unsurprisingly re-bailed yesterday (5) along with “another local man” as the police still refer to him. This, despite, being widely reported in the local press as being local businessman Suresh Prasad, but the RCIPS must have their reasons for refusing to name him in their releases.

Both men are being investigated on various charges including corruption and one of the charges is to do with a consignment of dynamite, which was imported by Midland Acres, a local quarry and property business based in Bodden Town, without the correct permits and licences. The owner of the company is a personal friend of Bush and is the aforementioned Suresh Prasad!

What is surprising in the RCIPS release pertaining to the re-bailing of the two men was this:

The re-bailing of the suspects is to allow further investigations to take place in a number of foreign jurisdictions including locations in Europe, the United States and in Asia.”

All these are areas Bush has been travelling to and the release added the enquiry team was required to follow the stringent, and often lengthy, legal processes in place within overseas jurisdictions to obtain the necessary evidential exhibits and supporting statements.

There has been no specific mention by the RCIPS of Bush’s involvement in the real estate letter sent to Stan Thomas in 2004. Thomas, a former landowner in Cayman, obtained a rezoning of property that Thomas owned at the time along the West Bay Road that he was seeking to develop. The letter appeared to have been sent from a fax machine in the former ministry of tourism and environment, and was headed “Windsor Development Corporation” and was dated 7 October 2004.

The letter was signed by W. McKeeva Bush and appeared to be a request for payment of $350,000 to Windsor Development in connection with rezoning of land in the West Bay Seven Mile Beach area.

The letter indicated Bush had ensured that all of the proposed rezoning issues had been agreed and approved by Cabinet. Then there was a request for Thomas to wire “the balance on the transaction”.

The Thomas property was sold to Dart Group and is all part of the controversial plan to close part of the West Bay Road through a land-swap/construction deal with the former UDP government.

iNews received a copy of this letter as did many other people including East End MLA Ezzard Miller.

I have to point out that this letter does NOT make clear what land the transaction involves so all the above is an assumption.

With the RCIPS now having a considerable amount of Bush’s property they seized as part of their investigations, and now following his travel trails over a number of years in a lot of countries, it might still require further re-bailing.

Bush has protested his innocence saying the police had questioned him regarding his dry cleaning bills and books he had purchased for his library and it all was a conspiracy by the governor and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

John Grisham has not written any of this.

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