December 2, 2020

The Editor Speaks: Black Friday and Thanksgiving

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Thursday (23) is the American Thanksgiving.

Over the years I have lived here (35+), I have watched Thanksgiving celebrations grow, especially the Restaurants, primarily because of the large number of American tourists and now with the increase of American workers here.

Even locals are celebrating it.

Now we have “” sales.

This was unheard of and when I first encountered the expression I had to ask what it meant. I was not alone when I heard, some years ago, a Jamaican disk jockey on the radio say how he hated all these “black” expressionisms, thus putting a racial slant on it.

More and more stores here are cashing in on “Black Friday” with ‘huge’ discounts on nearly all items in their stores.

The immediate Friday after Thanksgiving seems to herald the start of Christmas, although Camana Bay would have you believe their is the start. That seems to get earlier each year.

Christians believe (rightly) you only prepare for Christmas AFTER Advent Sunday and that isn’t until December 3rd.

How times have changed.

In the , “Black Friday” actually starts in some places BEFORE Thanksgiving!

It only takes a few holes in a dyke and you get a flood.

The meaning of Thanksgiving will be lost.

It is the pressure from the store owners on their employees to get their store open on Thanksgiving days in the US when once it was a BIG “NO NO!”

I worry about our children. The meaning of “Thanksgiving” will be forever lost on the new generations.

This annual act of gratitude is very important. It teaches us to be grateful. Even if you are not religious you surely know how to say “thank you”?

Sadly, even saying ‘thank you” is becoming words used less and less. In the 21st century most good things are taken for granted.

Shouldn’t we spend more time with our loved ones and less on commercialization?

Is greed for the greater good?

Cayman Islands was a place that cried out its Christian heritage and I watch each year that ideal being chipped away.

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday have blended together and transitioned into one big shopping holiday that continues right up to .

And what about Christmas Day…….?

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