August 19, 2022

The Editor Speaks: At least DISCUSS GANJA MLAs

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Colin WilsonwebBurns Connolly is becoming frustrated with the negative response from Minister of Health Osbourne Bodden’s initial response to his campaign to have at the very least a national discussion on whether it’s time to legalise the use of ganja (marijuana) by patients.

Connolly initially sent an e-mail to all 18 MLAs and he said only one responded.

That is pretty bad, isn’t it?

iNews Cayman has published a number of articles on the pros and cons of legalising ganja for medical use.

There is a LOT of proven information on the medical properties of ganja and it would appear the side effects and addiction problems are less than many prescribed and even over the counter medications legally available.

What is the harm in at least a debate?

Osbourne Bodden told CITN/Cayman 27 recently, the government is not looking to even entertain the conversation.

Cayman’s MLA’s have not even returned other media requests for their reasons in not debating it despite Cayman’s public interest in the subject and the shifting of opinion on the subject in favour of legalising ganja for medical use only in the USA.

Once again the public has not been given the whole truth about ganja and whilst I am 100% against it being used for recreational purposes and the legalising of it for that purpose in Colorado horrified me, I have swung into the medical ganja camp.

On Wednesday night on News27 local businessman Kent McTaggart added his voice to the call for government to open up the debate over the medicinal use of the herb.

On the television news programme he said, it could make all the difference for his son. “I say shame on anybody who won’t get over their ideological issues to allow whether it be my son, or someone with cancer or someone who needs some kind of relief from the benefits of cannabis [ganja],” he said.

He also pointed out he is only advocating the use of ganga for medical use.

So come on Cayman’s MLA’s for Heaven’s sake at least debate it.

You serve us and the vast majority of the country who elected you say “DISCUSS IT!!!”



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