September 23, 2021

The Editor Speaks: A staggering lawyers’ bill we have to pay. Why?

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Colin Wilsonweb2We revealed on Wednesday (30) following a FOI request that the Cayman Islands government have had to fork out nearly $1.5 million on legal advice and/or services from attorneys not employed by the local public sector in three budget years between 2010 and 2013.


Outside counsel was required in 27 cases in those three years.

And it hasn’t stopped.

On Wednesday 13th April in a Criminal Appeal by Walter Jordan McLaughlin and Keith Rohan Montaque there is no one acting for the Crown from the Attorney Generals Department. Instead outside lawyer, Andrew Radcliffe QC, has been engaged by the AG.


The AG’s office spends over $1 million on the provision of legal advice to government, almost $1 million on law teaching and publication and $781,000 on drafting of legislation.

Samuel Bulgin, Cayman’s AG, disappeared 17 times on official business during this three year period at a cost of almost $150,000 whilst his staff travelled on official business a total of 102 times costing nearly $219,000.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryll Richards, only took one official trip away and her staff made only 13 trips, again during this three year period when they went to Cayman Brac to handle court cases there. The total bill approx. $41,000.

Local attorney, Peter Polack who filed the Freedom of Information request has queried why this reliance on outside counsel is necessary and what the AG’s staff actually do to justify their salaries.

I wonder, too.

The bill is staggering and I hope our MLA’s ask the same question,


See iNews Cayman story published March 30 2016 “Cayman Islands Attorney General answers FOI requests” at:

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