October 21, 2020

The Editor speaks: A dear ‘friend’ I met 36 years ago, who wasn’t a friend


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Colin Wilson

It is with much, much sadness to learn today of the passing yesterday (Monday) of veteran journalist, Carol Winker.

I first met Carol over thirty-six years ago when I was starting my extra-marital hobby – dramatics.

When I wasn’t in a play, or not directing one, I wrote a series of articles about how the rehearsals in the Cayman Drama Society were being conducted and sent them to her for publication in “The Compass”. It was her idea.

Carol was the first person to mention my name in a report calling me “veteran”. actor/director. I was fifty!

I was shocked at the time to be called a veteran but she meant it in a nice way. The same way I have just given her that title.

Another incident was when writer Frank McField and I were having a “war of words” in Letters to the Compass. I had written he had a “mote in his eye” and he had replied he didn’t – “I have a PLANK!”

We were actually having a peaceful discussion just after those letters had appeared and along came Carol. “Do I call the police,” she said to us. We both laughed and she insisted we posed for a photograph. I asked her if she wanted us to scowl and show our fists at each other. “No, Mr. Wilson,” she boomed at me. “Just be yourselves.” So we scowled.

I always remember her riding a bike and was astounded she lived the other side of our Island, In North Side. She did have a car and I believe she once was stopped for speeding. I think I remember her writing about it. Not annoyed but almost ashamed at herself.

I may be wrong on that.

When I started writing my Editorials in iNews she was quick to tell me how she disliked them. “Mr. Wilson I strongly disagree with nearly everything you say!”

Although I wasn’t exactly a friend in the true meaning of the word but she was a “friend.” She always stopped what she was doing to say “Hullo” to me.

She worked the courts most of her time here, with the odd story or two in the dramatical field. She loved the musical I wrote with Chuck and Barrie :”Magna Carta ….”. She even came to my house to meet the publisher of it, who was here to help promote the musical, the late Ian Hornby. She wrote a beautiful piece about it.

Our Chief Justice J has written a lovely tribute to her.

“So high was the regard with which Ms Winker was held that she was never denied audience. We were all assured of her objectivity, fairness and dedication to getting the story ‘right’.”

That sums her up. If only her standards of journalism was upheld today there would be no cries of “Fake News”.

R.I.P my dear veteran “Friend”.

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