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The Easter Song

DSC_0009webSavannah United Church has again presented an outstanding Easter Cantata with cast and crew totalling over 70 people.  The wonderful event was filled with music, dance, singing and drama.  You could see that all the participants were enjoying themselves as much as the congregation. On Sunday, 13th of April, the Church was packed to overflowing.

The Choir, as usual, filled the Church with the joy of song.  The Junior Choir, under the direction of Kimia Hemmings brought a smile to everyone’s face as they not only sang beautifully but swayed to the music as well.  The interpretive dancers were well rehearsed and you could tell that they had some expert training.  All the “actors” portrayed their roles with enthusiasm.  A special note of mention must be given to Troy Rodgers, who reveled in his role as Thomas.  The role seemed to be made for him.  Abi and the band also delivered a great performance.  A solo by young Aidan Connolly and a selection by the Male Voices added to the enjoyment.  The costumes, scenery and lighting contributed to the overall production.

Noel Wallace, Savannah United Church Music Director, did a fabulous job directing and coordinating all aspects of the production. Many weeks of practice and preparation were evident in the final result.

An abbreviated version of “The Easter Song” was also presented at Elmslie United on Sunday evening. The Junior Choir and dancers did not take part in the production at Elmslie because they had already performed both Friday night and Sunday morning.  We understand that everyone at Elmslie enjoyed the Cantata.

Congratulations to all involved in this excellent production.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until December for another Cantata, but we can be sure that it will be worth the wait.


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