August 11, 2020

The Caribbean officially has it’s own Social Network Platform


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Cariblime, the Caribbean Social Network “Founded and Launched in 
Barbados” by its visionary CEO/Founder Daniel DeSouza, Cariblime has the combined service of Facebook, Linkedin, and soon to be Amazon services in one regional social platform to support the Caribbean People, Caribbean Businesses and Caribbean Culture.
One of Caribime purposes is to help repair and build the Caribbean 
economy by supporting the regional entrepreneurs because every strong economy stands on the backs of the entrepreneur, so Cariblime plans on empowering them by creating a Marketplace where regional can sell their products or services straight from the social network, which has never been done before in this region.

Mr. DeSouza has lots of plans to reinvent the Social Networking platform to positively impact education, music and possibly bring about new technology that will keep the community’s connected during and after a hurricane where service has been knocked out, among other features that can help to rebuild a strong economy. The service is free to use and Mr. DeSouza encourages all Caribbean people to adopt Cariblime as their own, use it to connect, build community and network.

“The Network has tremendous potential to positively impact the economy of the Caribbean Islands, just like anything new and upcoming, we need  support,  we are severely underfunded and under-supported, and this has been a one-man operation since I started. Technology has become a very important tool in society today, I am hoping to attract the funding required to build my team, buy equipment, and give me the freedom lead and build the technology sector in the Caribbean using The Social Networking Platform as our starting point.”

There are many possibilities that exist if we take the inspiration and 
imaginations of our young, bright programmers and coders to build 
features and components that positively impact our economy,  Although Cariblime is a working platform, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, which will come when funding is available, work has begun on the mobile app, so I encourage all to keep looking out for updates on that which will reveal some awesome new features, so for now, we hope that we see you online by visiting the platform at

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