February 1, 2023

The body dryer blows water off your body — no towel needed

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Body-Dryer1By Samantha Murphy Kelly From Mashable

There’s a chance your bathroom towel could end up in a retired pile of old cassette tapes and fax machines as something replaced by newer, shinier technology.

As part of an effort to shake up the towel market, an Indiegogo campaign for a product called The Body Dryer is attracting significant attention on the crowdsourcing site. Similar to the hand dryers used in bathrooms, the Body Dryer —which looks like a standard bathroom scale — blows the water off your body every time you step out of the shower or pool.

And why does the towel need a tech overhaul? Germs, says Body Dryer founder Tyler Overk.

“There is a problem with the growth of bacteria on a towel’s wet, warm surface if it’s not allowed to dry properly,” Overk told Mashable. “If you dry off with it again, you are putting those bacteria back onto yourself.”

In fact, this could potentially lead to health issues. In fact, this could potentially lead to health issues. We’re talking Fungi infections, ringworms, athlete’s foot, skin rashes and even serious infections for people with weakened immune systems.

“The bathroom rug is actually the ripest source of skin cells, bacteria and mildew because water and body particles drain down to your feet as you’re drying off,” he added. “Once you step on the Body Dryer, it will eliminate the bacteria, especially on your feet.”

To keep the post-bathtime experience clean, a user steps onto the device — which can actually take your body weight measurements too (if you choose) — the body is given a blast of air. About 30 seconds later, the Body Dryer promises you’ll be fully dry, without the need for a towel.

The device (2 x 2 feet) can be plugged into any standard AC outlet. You can control the temperature, too (cool or warm), which will likely come in handy during the changing seasons.

Since the campaign launched last month, it far surpassed its funding goal of $50,000 and brought in more than $275,000. The company has sold units on every continent except Antarctica and received more than 300 requests for distribution rights.

The Indiegogo campaign ends May 15. Early backers could get the device for $125 (it’s now sold out), but it will retail for $250 when it officially launches later this year.

IMAGE: The Body Dryer uses air to blast water off your body – BODY DRYER

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