October 15, 2021

The best cheeses for tacos: plus 8 cheesy taco filling ideas

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The other day, I was perusing the internet for some new ideas for an upcoming Super Bowl party. Somehow, after wandering down a meandering web path of odd finger foods and less-than-stellar game day snacks, I had a revelation about tacos. And cheese.

Read on for eight new thoughts on taco fillings and cheeses to accompany them.

Want the taco pictured above? Get the recipe: Charred Corn Tacos in Crispy All-Cheese Taco Shells at Serious Eats

My first thought, regarding tacos: Why oh why are hard tacos like, virtually non-existent? Secondly, why doesn’t a slider version of a taco shell — that is, a mini one — exist? Wouldn’t that be just downright… cute? And wouldn’t that inspire lots and lots of different possibilities for fillings?

My discovery: Mini tacos do exist, and you can have them, too. And cute they are. Information at the end of this post.

Then I got to thinking about fillings. And with thoughts of filling come thoughts of cheese.

When you’re constructing a taco, think about the bulk of the interior, and how you can complement it with cheese. Look beyond the typical cheeses you’d imagine between two crispy folds of tortilla, and envision what another one of your favorites could do for you in an taco-ed application. Considering cheese choices that you might not typically consider taco-friendly might inspire you to think a bit outside of the shell. Consider these:

8 of the Best Cheesy Taco Combos

The cheese: Manchego

The filling: Fresh chorizo, salsa verde, sour cream

The cheese: Fontina

The filling: Roasted garlic, roasted mushrooms, and Mexican oregano

The cheese: Swiss

The filling: Pulled chicken, roasted tomatillos, and radishes

The cheese: Cheddar

The filling: Ground beef, spicy crema, fresh jalepenos, and pickled carrots

The cheese: Fresh ricotta and parmesan

The filling: Roasted poblanos

The cheese: Mozzarella or Pepper Jack

The filling: Hard chorizo, sauteed chard, hominy

The cheese: Idiazabal or Mahon

The filling: Pulled pork, avocado, and cilantro

The cheese: Feta

The filling: Pork belly, pineapple, and mint

And try them in the mini versions! At Dreamer’s Gourmet, you can find blue corn, yellow corn, and red tomato flavors of mini corn tortilla taco shells. They’re $40 for 100 shells. In such small format, you’ll have no excuse not to explore a bevvy of fillings.

(Image credits: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt for Serious Eats)

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