June 29, 2022

Thatcher is inspiration for a poem and painting

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Beef in the thatch

Beef in the thatch

Full moon calls to gather island Forest,

Swipes from the machete awake the solace.

Strands collected from the silver thatch heart,

They are taken to the weavers to do an art.

One makes a twine for the waumpa,

Goat skin and car tire where ever we venture.

Two little ones with much time wonder how to pass it,

Should we play jump rope or we can make a basket.

The older one says “come I have a job,

You can turn the winch and I’ll hold the cob.

Together, we will make a rope,

Strong enough to sail any boat”

Beyond the curtains of the unknown,

From isolation to artexpo have I flown,

My destiny is sewed into a fabric and tapestry,

Secure as a figure seven complete as a figure three.

By Gordon Solomon

I met artist Gordon Solomon recently one Sunday afternoon at his home in North Sound Estates, Newlands and was immediately struck by his passion for his painting “Thatcher”.

He has every right to be passionate, as every detail of his painting of a Thatcher has been brushed with love.

Even his poem is part of this artistic piece and he calls it “his statement” on the work.  I would have called it its “heart”. He told me the painting is a collaboration of all his different styles and pure graphics is an area he experimented in during his earlier days as an artist and has now turned to again. This is the first time he has produced lettering on canvas.

The painting shows all the different elements that are in the poem from the full moon, the swipes of the machete and the strands of the silver thatch that are taken to the weaver so he can perform his art. The scene is viewed through a window from a room with drapes that gives the painting a 3-D appearance.

He has combined the past and the modern together and the painting shows a turtle, a broom, rope, the waumpa [type of sandal made out of car tyre], basket, and a little girl representing fashion.

Thatcher is part of a five piece series that he started last January with Thatcher being #3.

Gordon’s wife, Alta, said being married to Gordon was frustrating, a miracle once she sees the end product of his artwork, madness and inspiring. She added how she is amazed “watching all the dots come together.”

Gordon started his five piece series with a Caymanian theme #1 Beef in the Thatch showing a man cutting up beef at Christmas with products made in 1930’s – 1970’s,  #2 Rope making in Peas Bay #4 Taking the rope by rowboat to a schooner, and #5 My Talents Voice about Gordon at a meeting.

However, it is ‘The Thatcher”, which is the main piece as this work of art is going to be exhibited at The Artexpo 2014 at Pier 94 in New York City from April 2nd to April 6th.

Artexpo will also feature work from six other artists, including from Sweden. Poland and New Jersey USA.

Although Artexpo is hailed as the world’s largest fine art trade show it also showcases independent artists that include both established and emerging painters like Gordon.

The Artexpo website says:

“Over the decades, [SOLO] has become the ultimate venue for independent artists to be discovered—not only by gallery owners and art publishers—but by collectors and enthusiasts in search of exciting new works.” – See more at: http://artexponewyork.com/solo/about-solo/#sthash.qjztyx6T.dpuf

Although “Thatcher” is the only work of art of his being exhibited all his other woks can be purchased through a collector’s book that can be purchased by collectors who “really want to buy art”, Gordon added.

Then Gordon explained the story about the American car in one of his paintings. The vehicle was new and belonged to a friend of his. It had no licence plates but his friend was insistent Gordon came with him for a drive. During the drive his American friend told him how he made lots of money doing “illegal things” and tried to tempt Gordon to do the same, stay with him here in the US and “get out of this art business”.

Before Gordon could say anything a police car came around the corner and stopped them. He was told by the police to get out of the car and catch a train. His friend with the car was taken away by the police.

Gordon admitted there was a moment he had considered the offer but then reality stepped in and this was a warning he had heeded.

He particularly asked me to retell this story and hopes it might make other young persons who might be tempted by the glamour of making lots of money the “easy” but illegal way.

I leave you with Gordon’s message:

“There is no easy way. Use your talents and by hard work the rewards will be much greater – the legal way.”

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