January 27, 2022

‘Thank you, Twinings!

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By Miriam Karmali, FromFreedom United

Thank you, Twinings! They are the second company to listen to Traidcraft Exchange’s campaign calling on tea brands to reveal where their tea comes from and have now published a full list of their tea suppliers in Assam. Just four more to go!

Act now to send tea companies a message that you care about who picks your tea.

Declaring their suppliers means that we as consumers can find out where the tea we buy comes from and which employers and workers pick our tea. Importantly, it also means the workers can find out who is buying the tea they pick and what commitments they have made to address poor working conditions and poverty.

Over 5,000 Freedom United supporters have taken action on Traidcraft Exchange’s campaign asking big tea brands ‘Who picked my tea?’, encouraging two big brands to pay attention and take action. These tea brands are aware of the risks facing workers on tea plantations in Assam, where poverty wages can leave workers vulnerable to being trapped in exploitative situations that can even amount to slavery. But a community of committed supporters asking the right questions has pushed Twinings into action.

Four more companies are left – ask them ‘Who picked my tea?’

We are delighted to see that Twinings has followed Yorkshire Tea’s example just two months after Yorkshire Tea took the lead and published a full list of their suppliers. Together, Twinings and Yorkshire Tea make up almost one-third of the UK market, so we hope their significant leadership will encourage Unilever (PG Tips), Tata (Tetley), Apeejay (Typhoo), and Clipper to follow by example.

Let’s keep up the pressure to strengthen Traidcraft Exchange’s campaign to see the remaining four big tea brands publish a full list of their suppliers so that workers on tea plantations can be better protected from exploitation.

Add your voice today!

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