February 1, 2023

Thales gets agent to arbitration table

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From Intelligence Online

In a small victory for Thales in its legal spat with its former Gulf agent Nabil Barakat, on March 20, Central District of California judge David Carter ordered Barakat’s company Wamar International(IOL 821) to agree to an arbitration process, in keeping with the terms of a contract the two parties signed in 2012. Barakat launched legal proceedings against Thales late last year, claiming $1.6 billion compensation from its US subsidiary Thales Avionics for his services helping to sell Thales in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems to air companies in the Gulf including Turkish AirlinesKuwait Airwaysand Qatar Airways (IOL 823). The judge suspended the proceedings until the arbitration process is concluded.

The ruling gives Thales some breathing space after weeks of tension over the case and the possible involvement of the US authorities, Barakat having challenged the company’s respect of anti-corruption regulations (IOL 825). According to Intelligence Online‘s sources, Thales general counsel,Remy Rougeron, flew to California in March to meet Barakat and make a last attempt at mediation. The judge’s ruling could not have been more welcome.

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