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Ten Olympians to receive reallocated Olympic medals at Champions Park during Olympic Games Paris 2024

0 May 2024 – On the afternoon of 9 August, 10 Olympians will be presented with their reallocated Olympic medals in special ceremonies at the Champions Park in the Trocadéro Gardens, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

The following athletes are confirmed to receive their Olympic medals at Champions Park:

  • Sydney 2000 – Athletics, Women’s 200m
    • Bronze: Beverly McDonald (JAM)
  • Beijing 2008 – Athletics, Women’s Long Jump
    • Bronze: Chelsea Hammond-Ross (JAM)
  • London 2012 – Weightlifting, Men’s 85kg
    • Bronze: Tarek Yehia Fouad Abdelazim (EGY)
  • London 2012 – Athletics, Men’s High Jump
    • Gold: Erik Kynard (USA)
    • Silver: Derek Drouin (CAN)
  • London 2012 – Weightlifting, Men’s +105kg
    • Bronze: Sang-Guen Jeon (KOR)
  • London 2012 – Athletics, Women’s 1500m
    • Bronze: Abeba Aregawi (ETH)
  • London 2012 – Athletics, Women’s 400m Hurdles
    • Gold: Lashinda Demus (USA)
    • Silver: Zuzana Hejnova (CZE)
    • Bronze: Kaliese Spencer (JAM)

Receiving their Olympic medals at this spectacular venue will give these 10 athletes the chance to celebrate with family, friends and fans in exactly the same setting where more than 1,000 athletes will celebrate their achievements during the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission (AC) Emma Terho said: “We are very much looking forward to seeing athletes receive their Olympic medals in a venue that will provide such a spectacular backdrop and electric atmosphere.” She added that “these ceremonies result from the athletes’ voice being taking into account in decision-making, as the IOC Executive Board supported the recommendation from the IOC AC, which also had the strong support of the Paris 2024 AC.”

This particular option was made available to these athletes as an exception, following IOC Executive Board (EB) approval of a recommendation from the IOC AC in March 2024 to include Champions Park as an additional venue option for medal reallocation ceremonies.

The option of receiving reallocated Olympic medals at Champions Park is available to athletes who have already had their reallocation approved by the IOC EB before the Olympic Games Paris 2024, but have not yet had their ceremony.

For more than six years now, athletes have been able to choose from a menu of six different options to receive their reallocated Olympic medals in a way that recognises their achievements and gives them exposure. The options also include a private ceremony. All these options are detailed in the Olympic Medal Reallocation Principles that were proposed by the IOC AC and approved by the IOC EB.

Before Olympic medals can be reallocated, every athlete must be given due process and all legal proceedings need to be exhausted. Only then can the IOC EB decide on the Olympic medal reallocation. Once approved, the athlete, along with their respective National Olympic Committee, can choose which option they would like to proceed with in order to receive their deserved reward.


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