January 26, 2021

TelEm Group undertakes new green initiative with Cadwell Inc .focused on recycling wast and reducing use of landfill

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Pompano Beach, Fla./Sint Maarten — Cadwell, Inc., a leading recycling and distribution company serving the Caribbean islands and Europe, has commenced a new recycling program for the TelEm Group (TelEm) that promises to reduce waste in an eco-friendly way and ship it to certified recyclers in the U.S. and beyond. 

Over time, large amounts of debris have accumulated at TelEm, including items such as old phone booths, antennas, cable, and other equipment that built up for years, and was destined for the landfill. 

Cadwell sent over shipping containers that will be filled with material, to be sorted, cleaned, bailed and transported via container ship to recyclers in the United States.

“These materials will be exported off the island and help take pressure off the landfill,” said Andrew Cadwell, Cofounder and CEO of Cadwell, Inc., which has been active throughout the Caribbean providing valuable supplies and equipment and designing valuable sustainability programs. “We are excited to do our part to make Sint Maarten a better place to live by protecting the beautiful environment.” 

Cadwell has teamed up with Carmen Lake, Manager Procurement & General Affairs at TelEm to make sure that this recycling program is implemented efficiently. Both companies are eager to build upon their partnership and initiate these clean, eco-friendly plans. 

The containers were sent out the week of October 26th, and Cadwell will continue working with local staff and contractors until the job is completed.

Cadwell is helping design and implement an ongoing recycling program as well, which will help create a more sustainable, long term plan for TelEm and the island. 

“We are so excited to begin this new project,” said Joan Cadwell, President and Cofounder of Cadwell, Inc. “This will lead to a more efficient, cleaner way of life for the island while promoting the idea of green initiatives.”


About Cadwell, Inc.:  Pompano Beach, Florida-based Cadwell, Inc. is a leading recycling distribution company focused on the Caribbean and Central America.  In addition to its robust distribution offerings, Cadwell works closely with governments, utilities and large institutions to reduce landfill waste by cleaning up landfills and implementing and managing recycling programs that benefit the health and wellbeing of local residents and the environment as a whole.  The company is also on a mission to give back to the communities it serves by funding renewable energy conversion projects for schools, churches and orphanages that offer inspiration, hope and a path for meaningful change.  For more information, visit www.cadwellinc.com or email us at [email protected].

About TelEm:  Officially registered as Sint MaartenTelecommunication Holding Company N.V., TelEm Group is a government owned company consisting of Sint Maarten Telecommunication Operating Company N.V. and Sint Maarten Telephone Company N.V. (TelEm).

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