July 29, 2021

Technology Nostalgia

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By Michael Isberto

Technology is an amazing thing, and the advances in the field in the last decade have been nothing short of remarkable. We are seeing autonomous cars, smart homes that can learn your preferred living environment, a Hyperloop that lets people travel nearly 700 mph, a 3D-printed cornea, artificial embryos, and so much more. What’s next?

Even with all of this new technology, people are not forgetting the technology of the past. In fact, some people are consciously seeking older technology and looking to somehow connect with it. This technology nostalgia is becoming more apparent in many different ways.

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Electric cars and autonomous cars vs. classic cars

The advancements in the automotive industry have been astonishing. We have self-driving cars that should be ready for the market by 2020. Companies are also working on cars with artificial intelligence. And even with all of this, there is still a huge scene of classic car lovers.

Auto Week’s Graham Kozak discussed why he believed people’s love for classic cars would never die. He believes that classic cars are a timeless hobby that will continue because the younger generation is keeping the tradition going.

According to Kozak, “What’s in the spotlight changes from generation to generation, but today’s enthusiasts don’t limit themselves to what they longed for growing up. There’s a surprisingly young crowd keeping the traditional postwar hot-rod and motorcycle scene alive, for example. Thriving events like The Race of Gentlemen have only made it bigger and more mainstream.”



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Polaroid Cameras

Another example of older technology making a comeback are instant cameras. We currently have cameras that have 50-megapixel sensors and can shoot 4K videos, but many people are still craving technology of yesteryear.

According to CNN, Polaroid has been revived. Instant film (like Polaroid) has made a big comeback within the last couple years. Even millennials who didn’t grow up with the older technology are appreciating what it has to offer.

Even a generation that didn’t grow up with instant film cameras is getting into the classic technology.



Photo Source: Blog Think Big

Flip Phones vs. Smartphones

We all know that our smartphones are pretty much miniature computers that can keep us connected all day and every day. But because we are connected all time, these smartphones can also be a distraction to everyday life. Due to this constant distraction, some people are reverting back to simpler phones including flip phones.

These phones are not only affordable; they also won’t be as distracting as our current smartphones. Bestproducts.com just recently posted a list of best flip phones that are currently available. The demand for phones of a simpler time is very apparent, so sites are helping the consumers find the best options, and companies are making them more accessible.

If you want the look of an old Nokia, but still want some smartphone features – Nokia has recently released the 3310. It looks like a classic phone but has given it an upgrade.

The Nokia 3310 revamps the classic silhouette and modernizes it for current users. The new version has a 2.4’ polarized curved screen for better readability.

Will this classic pose a threat to android and iPhone technology? Time will soon tell.



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Music and Technology – Vinyl Records

Music technology has also been very prevalent in the past decade. Most studio albums are recorded using computer software. Even certain instruments are emulated almost perfectly by these same computers. If a studio musician plays off tempo, the recording engineer can nudge the performance a bit. If a musician plays a wrong note or the singer sings a wrong note, the recording engineer can fix their performance after the fact in post-production.

Before this technology musicians needed to be perfect or the listeners would hear every single mistake. If you listen closely, many recordings of the past had imperfections that have become a part of the nuance of the song.

We have also seen the way we listen to music change over the years. The standard format for music has changed from Vinyl LP’s, compact cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, compact discs, and Mp3s. Today, many people listen to streaming services where one doesn’t need to download the songs to listen but simply stream it from an application or the Internet. Through streaming services, almost any song you would want to listen to is accessible with just a couple clicks.

Although music technology has progressed into hi-tech streaming services, many people are going back to vinyl records. In fact, in 2016, vinyl record sales were the highest it’s been in 25 years.

According to The Guardian, more than 3 million LPs were sold last year. This was 53% more than the year before, and the most sine 1991. To put this into perspective, vinyl sales outdid digital download sales.



Photo Source: Nintendo

NES Classic Edition

In 2017, Nintendo rereleased a modernized version of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The online presale sold out immediately and was near impossible to find in stores.

The NES Classic Edition system is a miniaturized version of the original gaming console from 1985.

This 8-bit gaming system was released in 1985, but even with all the new and current systems (with very realistic games), people were still extremely excited about it in 2017. Because of our current technology, Nintendo was able to have 30 games built right into the system. The need for single game cartridges is a thing of the past. Some of these games included: Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Pac-Man, Zelda, and Kirby’s Adventure.

The gaming system did so well for Nintendo that they rereleased the SNES classic edition as well. Is there still a place for old technology? Maybe a combination of old and new is what people are craving.


Qwerkywriter – Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

Out of all these advancements in technology, maybe the biggest in the past decade has been the advancement in computers. Our smartphones alone can do more than our home computers from the 90’s, and our personal home computers today would have been considered supercomputers back then.

Photo Source: Qwerky Toys


Our computers, laptops, and tablets are far superior to anything from the 80’s and 90’s, yet we find things like the Qwerkywriter S. The Qwerkywriter is a typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard. The keyboard looks and feels like an old typewriter, but connects to your tablet and gives you that same sensation as well.

We now live in a technologically advanced era where everything seems like it’s straight from a science fiction movie, but yet many people want to go back to what they used to know. Maybe people want to go back to simpler times. What does this mean for technology?


Technology Nostalgia

The idea of nostalgia in technology could be a bad thing. Technology is about innovation and improvements on what we already have, but it seems as though people are getting bored of what is being presented to them.

In the long run, I believe this won’t really affect current or upcoming technology too much. People want the feeling of simpler times and nostalgia, but they don’t want to give up the technology that makes their lives easier.

People want to feel connected to the things of the past, but they wouldn’t want to give up the technology of the present and future. Maybe this is a sign for our current innovators. Maybe the “new” inventions just don’t feel as exciting as they once did. Inventors should take this as a challenge. We need to create something that has people looking forward, and not looking back.

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