February 1, 2023

Taste of Cayman THIS SATURDAY! 2 DAYS Left To Get Cheaper TICKETS!

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1SATURDAY, 8 FEBRUARY 2014  5:00PM – 11:45PM


The ultimate food and wine experience in Cayman is HERE! This SATURDAY all roads lead to the Festival Green, Camana Bay! We hope you’ll be joining us for this extravaganza that brings Cayman’s food and beverage community together to celebrate all things culinary.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, do so before the price increases. Right now it’s $35 per person but on Saturday you’ll be paying $45 per person AND you’ll have to stand in a line. Save yourself the time and money. Purchase online or at Books and Books and any Blackbeard’s or Big Daddy’s locations. We’re also on The Crescent at Camana Bay by Michael’s Genuine today (Thurs) and Friday from 11am to 2pm selling tickets (cash sales only).

SATURDAY TICKET SALES: On Saturday, you can purchase your tickets at the CITA office on West Bay Road (345.949.8522) up until 2pm, and at Books and Books in Camana Bay until 3pm.  After that time, tickets can only be purchased at the gate at the Festival Green, Camana Bay.

2Taste of Cayman Goes Green!

We’re going green this year as a result of partnerships we’ve forged with local companies Hew’s Hotel & Restaurant Supplies and Junk Recycling Services.

Hew’s Supplies, our long time sponsor, has been providing the disposables for the event for the past three years. This includes everything from forks, spoons and cups to soufflé bowls, beverage napkins and stirrers. They are committed to using eco-friendly products such as corn-plastic and sugarcane-based cups, plates and cutlery that are less harmful to our beautiful environment.

In addition, you will also be able to help us by disposing of your foodservice items in the bins that Junk will be placing around the Festival Green. Junk Recycling Services is Cayman’s only inclusive recycling business covering the collection and recycling of glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and paper. Please look out for these receptacles and let’s do our part to reduce Cayman’s carbon footprint!

Kirk Gourmet Deli Joao Fernandez

3Joao Fernandes

Meet Our Chefs:

Periwinkle & Kirk Gourmet Deli

Today we meet Chef Stefano Attardi, Chef de Cuisine at the Periwinkle, located at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and Chef Joao Fernandes, Executive Chef at Kirk Gourmet Deli.

Both of these amazing culinary artistes developed a passion for their craft at a young age, Stefano at 15 years old in a small restaurant and Joao at his mother’s side. The Cayman Islands’ restaurant community is definitely better for having these two gentlemen as members. Meet Stefano here and read more about Joao here. Make sure you visit the Periwinkle and Kirk Gourmet Deli booths on Saturday!

7pE3kBsEvGSSDFbnLX_byR3R2ttlq6m2pkXBmqjonD6Xu5UPn_olYJRK8Doj1rHi3a5AETf40d5qJLRlf4jOTAJ8CcOi3-ktc4w-O2B6gOaQXQM=s0-d-e1-ftCOME 4 THE FOOD, STAY 4 THE ENTERTAINMENT!

Mamma Mia! Don’t eat and run! Remember we’ve got Swanky Kitchen Band and ABBA MANIA taking the stage later in the evening from about 8pm onwards. Plus we’ve got fireworks. Hope you’ll stay and enjoy the night with us!

Jose fernadesTaste of Cayman Festival Tips

In case you missed it in a previous newsletter OR you need a reminder, here are some tips to help you plan your festival experience. Follow these guidelines and you should have a memorable Taste of Cayman experience.

We’re on a grass field so wear comfortable shoes! If you’re bringing a stroller, consider how it will maneuver on gravel and grass and determine the best plan for your family.

Arrive alive. There are tons of wonderful wines, spirits and brews to taste and enjoy throughout the night. Make plans BEFORE you come to the festival for how you will get home. Arrange for a designated driver, use Homesafe from The Security Centre or take a taxi home.

yanC9G7R3jwWa0onv1roKOsjUlfwik7icPrpAkl_4uAVRowYZCVxxBYHXY_Y17-CdHPa67rfmzK6WVCcXtRJX7SMlaYO4bpdC3hQ7Xnt-jkzE5k=s0-d-e1-ftCheck out the Festival Parking Map BEFORE you get there. This will allow you to see where you can park at Camana Bay and how to enter the festival, which is located in the grass lot adjacent to the Ogier Building.

There will also be FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE from 5pm to 1am courtesy of our hosts Camana Bay.  The shuttles will operate from the Limestone parking lot located near Britannia and the Century 21 roundabout and also from the dirt parking lot next to Cayman International School. The shuttles will make two stops on the way to the Festival: one on Market Street and the other on Nexus Way.

Read more Festival tips here at: http://www.tasteofcayman.org/2014-festival-tips

Taste of Cayman Goes International!

6XC2Dp64zH8ONxh879Q6GyYgIb-dvIrpzKFK6uVj0LVW7ZBoU_7YvU2loUy-c7wwKhi_Fi7jgeXsaTZfssc4g6nkmbdWsku4VeJU3MOle34Xl88=s0-d-e1-ftWe are pleased to announce that an editor and photographer from StarChefs.com will be travelling to Cayman to cover the Taste of Cayman Food & Wine Festival.

StarChefs.com is the leading on-line magazine for original, chef-focused culinary content with 30,000 published pages and monthly traffic of over 30 million hits. As a company, StarChefs.com has founded both the Rising Stars Awards, now in their 11th year, and the International Chefs Congress, now in its 8th year, a three-day consortium of top chefs worldwide based around a provocative, exciting culinary theme.

With over 33,000 Twitter followers and 9000+ Facebook fans, StarChefs.com is sure to bring Taste of Cayman and the Cayman Islands some amazing exposure!

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