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Take a Lionfish to lunch and eat it!

Lionfish Ad 10Lionfish University Environmental Public Service Ad says:

“Fresh from the sea to your plate! Take a Lionfish to lunch and Eat It”

The Lionfish University have just produced an environmental public service ad aimed at increasing awareness about the lionfish invasion and supporting the campaign to eat more lionfish to help reduce the devastating effects this fish has had on our beautiful Caribbean Reefs.

Lionfish University: Stacy Frank (an environmental conservationist), Jim Hart (a noted screenwriter) and Stacy’s brother, Courtney Platt (a Cayman Islands photographer) established Lionfish University in Nov 2012 as a grassroots volunteer no budget organization, not knowing if they would have any impact or not. It turned out there was and is huge interest and many volunteers wanting to help combat arguably the worst marine disaster in history. They have an MD, Dr. Ochoa-Vargas who volunteers his time, along with an attorney, Jim Gould, a couple of scientists, (Lillian Tuttle a PhD candidate, and Simon Dixon who has a master’s degree in lionfish feeding behavior), several contributing editors and a lot of fantastic volunteers who have helped with many of the projects they have done: including two video Public Service Announcements and the one page Public Service Announcement attached.

Lionfish University are now in the process of applying for official nonprofit status in the US and their plan is to continue to do what they can to spread awareness about the lionfish invasion and what the interested public can do to help save our valuable Caribbean reefs.

For more information go to:

Email: [email protected]

See iNews Cayman related story published August 19 2013 “Public Service film being made in Cayman about lionfish” at:



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