March 7, 2021

Cayman’s Equestrian riders do well in National Show

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From Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation In the first week of March Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation riders had the opportunity to ride in a National Dressage Show before an overseas foreign judge appointed by the Federation Equestre Internationale, the horse world’s global governing body. The Judge, Anders Sucksdorff of Finland, was in Cayman to judge the […]

CI Equestrian Fed. Dress. Chal.

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Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation World Dressage Challenge The word ‘dressage’ is a French term, meaning training. Very simply, dressage is the art of striving for a harmonious and hardly perceptible communication between horse and rider. When you watch the dressage Masters, you can barely see their hands and legs move, but every inch they do […]