January 30, 2023

4th Annual Cayman Islands Glow Run 4k

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With a total of 530 registered runners, the National Trust held the 4th annual Glow Run 5K on Saturday, June 3rd. Celebrating 30 years of conservation, participants of all ages and fitness levels, dressed in 80s attire, ran for Cayman’s unique history, heritage and environment. Timed by Race Caribbean, the run commenced at 7:30pm following […]

Red Sail Sports has a great deal during Cayman Island’s “Legends and Lions”

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Red Sail Sports Offers an Unbeatable Dive Deal During Cayman’s “Legends and Lions” Celebration October 4 – 11 Taking advantage of off-season rates to offer travel deals, Cayman’s dive industry highlights things that make it a top dive destination: incredible diving, outstanding customer service and a conservation-minded community that honors dive legends Grand Cayman, Cayman […]