November 29, 2020

Financial text archiving – Wealth Managers keys to improve text message engagement with clients

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By Pinchas Most wealth managers that capture and record mobile SMS they create and receive on a daily basis  cite strict industry and legal requirements as the primary reason for doing so. In the process of complying with SEC and FINRA text archiving requirements, they often fail to recall how such platform is meant not to limit their potential, […]

Hybrid robo-advisors will manage 10% of all investable assets by 2025

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By MyPrivateBanking From Business Insider After the strong growth of the robo-advisory approach in recent years, promoted by numerous start-ups worldwide as well as sizeable number of early adopting wealth managers, a new ‘sub-species’ has emerged: the hybrid robo/personal contact service, which adds a substantial software component to human interaction in the client advisory process. […]