December 8, 2022

Breaking: Shock Andy Hall verdict

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By Zoe Birchall, From Walk Free<team In a shocking blow against justice today, courts in Thailand found activist Andy Hall guilty of ‘computer crimes’ and ‘criminal defamation’.  Andy has been given a three year suspended sentence and fined 150,000 Thai Baht ($4,300; £3,300).[1]  Following the verdict, Andy stated to the press that it “shows people […]

Slavery in the cotton fields still exists

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From Debra Rosen, Walk Free You may think forced labour in cotton fields has been consigned to the history books, a relic of the transatlantic slave trade. But in Uzbekistan every year over a million children and adults are forced into the cotton fields by their government to meet daily picking quotas during the harvest […]

Hong Kong’s dirty, bloody secret

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From Debra Rosen, Walk Free Call on the Hong Kong Labour Ministry to protect workers from domestic slavery Campaign update: Just days ago, the Hong Kong Labour Ministry BLOCKED OUR EMAILS. We are now planning to deliver all signatures in person. Will you add your name? Erwiana’s story of torture and abuse in one of […]