March 27, 2023

Clearing clogged gutters

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Different Design Solutions for Clearing Clogged Gutters By RAIN NOE From Core77 The wide variety of approaches indicates no one has cracked the problem yet Unreal Studio 4.2 Experimental design evolution is a fun thing to watch. I’m talking about that early stage, when multiple unrelated parties are all trying to solve the same problem–but […]

Shared apartment concept

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Muji’s Shared Apartment Concept: Cantilevered Wooden Caves for Bedrooms BY RAIN NOE From Core77 Designed by Japanese architect Go Hasegawa, the space is intended to be occupied by co-workers, not family members Unreal Studio 4.2 For Beijing Design Week, Muji presented an apartment prototype at the House Vision exhibition. Designed by Japanese architect Go Hasegawa, […]

Recycled paper bins

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An alternative to plastic storage: stackable, water-resistant recycled paper bins BY RAIN NOE From Core77 Midori’s Pulp Storage Products When it comes to storing items, few things can beat the cost and utility of the transparent, stackable plastic containers you can buy at the big box store. Only problem is they’re, well, plastic. For the […]