October 1, 2023

Union Bank confirms investment by Cayman Island’s Culture Financial Holdings

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From adaderana.lk Union Bank of Colombo PLC confirmed that Culture Financial Holdings of the Cayman Islands has invested over Rupees 11 billion 420 million (Rs 11,420,474,984.70) enabling Union Bank to issue 742,156,249 ordinary voting shares of the company at Sri Lankan Rs. 15.30 each by way of a private placement and 218,281,250 warrants for Sri […]

Huge chunk of Union Bank goes to Cayman Islands registered investor

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From Ada Biz A Cayman Islands registered company, Cultural Financial Holdings Ltd. has entered into an agreement to buy nearly 70% of Union Bank of Colombo PLC shares for nearly Rs. 15 billion. Cultural Financial Holdings has agreed to buy 742.1 million ordinary voting shares of Union Bank of Colombo PLC at Rs. 15.30 per […]