October 1, 2023

Activist USA Ambassador pushes aggressive LGBT agenda in the Caribbean

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By Martin Arauxo From The Saker Obama ambassadorial appointee and LGBT activist, James Wally Brewster has endeavored to promote alternative lifestyle values in the conservative Dominican Republic. Ever since Ambassador Brewster (who donated heavily to Barak Obama) arrived in the D.R. he has been pushing against the traditional values of the majority, by openly and […]

The deeper dread lurking behind the stock market sell-off

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By Annie Lowrey From New York Magazine When it comes to saving the economy, does Janet Yellen have an empty tool kit? Over the past week, stock markets around the world have had something of a temper tantrum, ginning up trillions of dollars of paper losses and any number of panicked cable-news chyrons. Today, they […]

Bitcoin slips in the wake of the IRS’s tax decision

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By Alex Wilhelm From techcrunch Earlier this week, the IRS decided that Bitcoin is property, not currency, setting in place a regulatory structure that could see users of the cryptocurrency forced to keep price score in a rapidly shifting market. Bitcoin had a rough time of it last week, as GigaOm reported, losing around 17% […]