February 8, 2023

Suriname pivots towards Russia; foreign minister to visit Moscow

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By Ray Chickrie From Caribbean News Now PARAMARIBO, Suriname — There has been new and intense diplomatic activity between the Russian Federation and Suriname. The two countries are preparing to sign agreements on military cooperation and a visa-free regime, according to the director of the Russian Latin American Department, Alexandr Schetinin. Schetinin added that Suriname’s […]

Plans advance for South American passport and citizenship

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By Dr Odeen Ishmael From Caribbean News Now The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) has advanced its plans for the establishment of a South American passport and the promotion of the free movement of all South American citizens throughout the continent. Towards this end, on June 28-29, the Working Group on South American Citizenship […]

CARICOM bracing for crucial test at UK/Caribbean Forum in London

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By Rickey Singh From Guyana Chronicle Caribbean Community Foreign Ministers are bracing for a crucial test of their “no-business-as-usual” stand against the Dominican Republic (DR) when they meet next month for the Eighth UK-Caribbean Forum in London. The core problem relates to controversial amendments to the DR’s immigration laws that have effectively denationalised an estimated […]