August 10, 2022

US Army developing net gun to snare drones

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By Jason Deveney From Newmax The Army is working to develop a net gun to catch suspicious drones and bring them to the ground before they can do damage. According to Army Times, the Army received a patent for a net gun that can be fired from a standard 40mm grenade launcher. The weapon would be […]

Cayman Professor heads US National Council’s report on unmanned aircraft –pose serious safety concerns

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Dr. John-Paul Clarke, resident of Grand Cayman, was co-chair of a US report executed by the National Research Council on un-manned aircraft. The report said drones represent revolutionary changes in aviation, but they also pose serious safety concerns as they prepare to share the sky with airliners. Read on: Overcoming barriers to successful use of […]

FAA selects 6 testing sites for drone research

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By Fran Berkman From Mashable The Federal Aviation Administration took a step toward integrating drones into U.S. airspace by selecting six locations around the country for research. The agency announced its selections on Monday after a 10-month selection period, during which it considered 25 applicants from 24 states. Four of the six testing sites will […]