December 6, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Airport security staff need to be polite

There would seem to be some training needed for our security staff to be POLITE! I have noticed it too at the airport and now a frequent visitor to our islands has complained on tripadvisor. This is what the visitor said: “Airport Security – Super Strict on the Way Out “27 Aug. 2018, 1:37 pm […]

American Airlines tried to charge a mother $150 for traveling with breast milk

BY ADAM ROSENBERG From Mashable How is it that airlines keep screwing up simple things like company policy and established TSA rules? The latest travel blunder belongs to American Airlines. When Sara showed up with her husband and young son for their flight from Boston to Arizona, the gate attendant stopped them for having too […]

Red-Capped Cardinal chicks hatch at Texas State Aquarium’s New Caribbean Journey

Corpus Christi, Texas, July 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS – Four red-capped cardinals chicks have hatched in the Texas State Aquarium’s new Caribbean Journey jungle. The chicks, currently in their fledgling stage, were hatched in a nest constructed by their parents in one of the exhibit’s live trees. The eggs were incubated […]

The most bizarre things you can bring in your carry-on, according to the TSA

Ciara Appelbaum, INSIDER From Business Insider The INSIDER Summary: According to the TSA, travelers can bring some pretty bizarre things in their carry-on luggage. Some of the items passengers are allowed to bring in their carry-ons include fresh eggs, light sabers, and body armor. Travelers can also bring heavy-duty kitchen items such as a bread maker, tortilla […]

New mom says TSA dumped her breast milk at security at DIA

BY ERIKA GONZALEZ From FOX31 Denver DENVER — A new mother wants moms to know the rules about traveling through airports with breast milk. That’s after she says Transportation Security Administration officers dumped her breast milk at security at Denver International Airport. The agency has apologized because the officers weren’t supposed to do that. She […]

There’s another United horror story, and it will break your heart

BY SASHA LEKACH From Mashable The United horror stories keep coming out of the woodwork. After the internet exploded over a viral video showing a man being forcibly dragged from his seat on a United flight last weekend, another passenger has taken to Mediumto share his horrible experience with the airline. Trey Harris’ tale of […]

US: The TSA is finding more and more guns at airport checkpoints

By Francesca Mirabile, The Trace From Business Insider Usually, the loaded gun is stuffed in a carry-on bag or a purse. Almost always, the excuse is: “I forgot.” For the second consecutive week, the Transportation Security Administration confiscated a record number of firearms at security checkpoints at U.S. airports. Officers seized 81 guns between August […]

I’ll be home for the holidays… maybe?

By Derrick Miller From Caribbean News Now “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams,” sadly has become a reality for many. Holiday trips are always important to reconnect with family and friends or taking a break from work. For many immigrants who migrated to countries like England, US and Canada; from the […]

US HOMELAND SECURITY: We reduced airport wait times ‘without compromising security’

By Daniel B. Kline, The Motley Fool From Business Insider Early in the summer, airlines were sending passengers emails warning them to arrive at airports at least two hours before their flights due to long security lines. Those were not idle warnings as in some cases it did take that long to get through security. […]

US TSA security chief ousted as the summer travel season begins

BY JESSICA PLAUTZ From Mashable The head of security at the Transportation Security Administration has been reassigned amid growing frustration at airports across the country, but whether that will mean relief for travelers is up in the air. Kelly Hoggan joined the TSA in 2004 and was named Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security […]