August 19, 2022

Offense informs gefense: Minimizing the risk of a targeted attack

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By Ian Lopez, From Legaltech News This ALM cyberSecure session focused on the nature of hacking and what should be done about it. As recent history has shown, no agency is immune to the ills posed by data breaches. In the “Offense Informs Defense: Minimizing the Risk of a Targeted Attack” session at this year’s […]

iNews Briefs

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Cayman Islands: Migrants from Cuba Repatriated Twenty-six Cuban migrants, who were all housed at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), were repatriated to Cuba today (Tuesday, 9 September 2014). Supervised by Immigration and Prison officials, 25 males, and 1 female were repatriated via a chartered flight from Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman. Remaining at […]