December 4, 2023

These are all the federal HTTPS domains that’ll expire soon because of the US government shutdown

By Zack Whittaker From TechCrunch We like to think of ourselves as nerds here at TechCrunch, which is why we’re bring you this. During the government shutdown, security experts noticed several federal websites were throwing back browser errors because the TLS certificate, which lights up your browser with “HTTPS” or flashes a padlock, on many domains had […]

Here’s how to protect yourself from the massive security flaw that’s taken over the Internet

By Kyle Russell    From Business Insider It’s been a while since there was a computer security bug we all had to worry about. Unfortunately, it seems like we may all have been facing one for two years and not even realized it. On April 7th, security researchers announced a security flaw in OpenSSL, a popular […]